Editorial Services

Developmental Editing & Book Coaching

I love being part of the literary community. Aside from my own writing, I love the communal aspect of giving and receiving thoughtful feedback on other writers' work. There’s just something so satisfying about attuning to what another writer is trying to accomplish and finding specific ways to offer suggestions that will help their project shine. And so, I’m very excited to announce a new venture – developmental editing and monthly coaching services.

Developmental editing and monthly book coaching clients are only decided after exchanging enough work samples and information to know that we are potentially a good pair.

I envision the role of the coach as a careful, intuitive reader who sees what is on the page while simultaneously discerning what the author intended – what may one day be on the page after revision. As a coach, I strive to understand the project on its own terms and help it become a better version of itself in accordance with the writer’s vision and voice. At heart, a coach can offer encouragement, inspiration, motivation, and accountability. In the sometimes difficult and lonely world of writing, knowing that you have an ally, who will read with empathy and imagination, can be invaluable in shaping your project into the highest possible version of itself.